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Using Manage My Account

Manage My Account

Manage My Account (MMA) is your personal online information and resource center for your student loan account!

Register for MMA

The registration process for Manage My Account is very brief and requires you to input your social security number and date of birth to create a secure online account.

The information you provide needs to be correct and match what we have on file for you, provided by your school. If you receive an error alert about an incorrect date of birth, social security number, or other information, call us at 1-855-337-6884.

Help buttons and frequently asked questions are available throughout Manage My Account.

MMA Home

The "Home" page of Manage My Account presents an overview of your student loan account and a snapshot of each section:

  • Payments: view your next due date/amount due and payment history, make a payment, etc.
  • Repayment Planning: view your loan status and explore different repayment options
  • Loan Summary: view your current balance information
  • Profile: view/update your contact information, access your inbox, update payment profiles, etc.

Loan Details

For more information, select "Loan Details" in the top navigation. If you have more than one loan, you have the option to "Show Groups and Loan Details," which presents lender, loan type, current principal balance, interest rate, status, amount due, and other group data. Within each group, you can view specific loan details.

The "View Benefits" link allows you to see the incentives you are eligible for.


Use this section to control how payments are applied to your account and view payment related functionality - "Pay Now," "KwikPay®" (auto-debit), "History," and "Repayment Options."

  • You have multiple payment options, including the ability to make a single online payment (real-time or future payment scheduled). You may also change, cancel or enroll in auto-debit payments through KwikPay.
  • Request a payoff amount for up to 30 days in the future.
  • Explore various repayment options available based on your income and loan type. Enter the requested information and view the available repayment plans which may better fit your financial situation.
  • You can also postpone a payment with a deferment or forbearance by answering a few questions to determine your eligibility. Many of the deferment and forbearance options may be requested online for faster processing.


Under "Documents," you will find several options such as "Inbox" and "Forms." By signing up for "eStatements," you will have the ability to retrieve, print, and save an electronic copy of a billing statement, tax document, or other correspondence for up to 12 months.

MMA Documents Dropdown

The secure "Inbox" prevents unauthorized persons from accessing sensitive account correspondence that would otherwise be delivered by mail. You may obtain paper copies of account records by printing them directly from your computer.

Use the "Upload Documents" option to speed up document processing times and keep your personal information secure by uploading your documents directly to us online.

Profile Settings

The drop-down menu under your username enables you to update address, telephone, and email information online. You will see a series of pages which allow you to maintain account profile information and security settings.

Select the tabs for "Contact Information," "Payment Profiles," "Authorized Payers," "Change Password," "Update Security Image" or "Manage Paperless" to make your changes then select the green, "Save Changes" button.

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