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Ways to Make a Payment

Federal student loans are simple interest loans, which means that interest accrues daily, separately from the principal balance. When a payment is received it is applied to accrued interest first, and the rest is applied towards the principal balance. The amount of interest assessed on each payment may vary depending on the number of days between payments.

Unless you direct your payments to an individual loan or loan group, the default allocation method is followed. Payments are allocated first to any past due loan groups. If you do not pay the current amount due, your payment will be allocated across the loan group(s) from most to least delinquent, in proportion to each loan group's regular monthly payment amount, less any amount previously paid until each loan group is at the same level of delinquency or all loan groups are up to date. Once all loan groups are up to date, payments are allocated across loan groups in an active repayment status, in proportion to each loan group's monthly payment amount, less any amount satisfied by extra payment.

If more than the installment amount due is paid, the next bill will be credited the extra amount, but it does not pay future interest (interest cannot be prepaid); this is referred to as being paid ahead. The next time a payment is posted, all outstanding accrued interest must be satisfied first before any funds are applied to the principal balance.

There are several options available for making your student loan payments, such as making payments via automatic debit or online. You can make extra payments on your loan(s) at any time and, if you have multiple loan groups, payments may be targeted to specific groups. In addition, if you have a consolidation loan, you can target extra funds to either the subsidized or unsubsidized portion of the loan.

If you have multiple student loans, they may or may not be serviced by the same company. If you have loans with more than one servicer, you will need to make a payment to each loan servicer. Not sure how many loans you have or who is servicing them? You may visit the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) for an overview of all your federal student loans (private student loans will not be listed on NSLDS). You will need your FSA ID to access NSLDS. If you don't have an FSA ID, you can request one at the Federal Student Aid website.


By selecting the KwikPay1 option, your payments will be automatically debited each month from your designated checking or savings account. This option allows for convenient and timely payments without the hassle of mailing your payment or remembering to pay online each month.

To register for KwikPay, log into Manage My Account. If you have never accessed your account online, you will first need to create a username and password. Once you have logged in, select "Set Up KwikPay" on the home page or "KwikPay" under the "Payments" menu in the top navigation.

Edfinancial Services will debit your bank account on your due date or, if your due date falls on a weekend or a holiday, on the first business day after your due date. Your payment will be posted to your student loan account within three to five business days and will be made effective for your due date.

1. KwikPay® is a registered trademark of Nelnet, Inc. All rights reserved.

Pay Online

Log into Manage My Account to make a single online payment for the current date or a date no more than 30 days in the future. If you have never accessed your account online, you will first need to create a username and password. Select "Make a Payment" on the home page or "Pay Now" under the "Payments" menu in the top navigation. You can also receive your billing statements online by selecting "Sign up for eStatements" on the home page or "Manage Paperless" on the drop-down list behind your user name in the menu at the top.

You may authorize others to make payments on your account by logging into Manage My Account and selecting "Authorized Payers" on the drop-down list behind your user name in the menu at the top. You will need to provide the name and email address of the authorized payer, and you will need to create a username and password for them. We will email the authorized payer their username along with instructions on how to submit a payment, and they will need to contact you for their password.

Pay with a Bill Pay Service

If you make your student loan payments through your bank or another online bill pay service, please ensure your service is updated with the correct account number and payment address. You will be able to find your account number and payment address on your billing statement or by logging into Manage My Account.

Pay by Mail

If you make your payment each month by mailing a check or money order, please make sure your name, account number and correct payment amount is listed. Also, be sure to mail your payment several days prior to your due date to ensure that it is received on time. Your payment will be made effective for the date it was received. Save a stamp and be paper free by considering one of the online or electronic payment methods above. You can also register to receive electronic statements and other correspondence through our secure My Secure Messages within Manage My Account.

Important: To avoid significant delays, it is very important to mail your payments to the correct address. Your payment mailing address may be different, depending on your loan program. Please check your billing statement, log into your online account, or contact us to get the correct payment mailing address for your loans.

Direct Loans
Use for account numbers beginning with "F"*

US Department of Education
PO Box 105193
Atlanta, GA 30348-5193

FFELP & Private Loans
Use for account numbers beginning with "C"*

Edfinancial Services
Department 888055
Knoxville, TN 37995-8055

*You can view your account number from the Home screen in Manage My Account.

Save time and upload documents online! Visit Manage My Account and select "Upload Documents and Forms" under the "Documents" menu.

Pay by Phone

You may make payments with your checking or savings account information through our automated voice response system 24 hours a day at 1-866-709-0202. You may also speak to a representative to make your payment during our normal business hours; however, you may be assessed a convenience fee.