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Be Paper Free and Efficient!

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Utilize automation to manage your student loan accounts more easily and efficiently! We now offer the following free services to our borrowers:

  • Text Alerts 
  • Electronic correspondence (eStatements) 
  • Auto Debit (KwikPay) 

These options allow you to receive important account information faster, get rid of paper statements, keep your sensitive account information secure, and ensure payments are made on-time each month.  Please note that you may unenroll from any of these services at any time.

Now you can be paper free, and we will plant a tree in support of the Arbor Day Foundation. Between now and July 31, 2019, in celebration of Arbor Day, we will plant a tree in National Forests in Texas for each person who switches from paper to electronic correspondence. View the steps below or read more about how we are working with the Arbor Day Foundation and the story of the forests.

Text Services

Enroll to receive text alerts to help you manage your student loan account with notifications about repayment, billing statements, upcoming due dates, status updates, and more. 

Sign Up for Text Alerts Now

eStatements and Auto Debit

Log into your online account - It's free and easy to register

Once logged into Manage My Account, you can view a summary of your student loan information, update your contact information or repayment plan, apply for a forbearance or deferment, or make payments from your checking or savings account.

Select "Sign up for eStatements"

Once you read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, you will begin receiving your correspondence electronically! We will send courtesy emails to the email address on file for your account to alert you when there are new statements and correspondence available under the "Documents" menu within Manage My Account. You will have the ability to retrieve an electronic copy of a billing statement, tax document, or other correspondence from your secure inbox for up to 12 months.

Select "Payments" then "KwikPay"

Click the green button to “Setup KwikPay.” With KwikPay®, your student loan payments are automatically debited from your checking or savings account each month. KwikPay may also reduce your interest rate! 

KwikPay® is a registered trademark of Nelnet, Inc. All rights reserved.